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There's Something I've Not Told You...

Hi All,

I do hope everyone is well! As is my usual way everything has been a little bit hectic lately, so much so that I still haven't shared with you my news! Tallulah's Bakery is now full time!! Argh! Fire the confetti cannons!

At the beginning of the year I made the decision to leave English Heritage and put all my focus on my lil' ol' bakery. The timing seemed right and it had come to a point where something had to give for the sake of my work life and my life life. So on the 23rd March I said goodbye to the people and place that was my home and family at Mount Grace Priory for 8 years. What a tough day! But I have made friends for life and am really lucky to still have their support. Yesterday I felt so overwhelmed when I posted on my Facebook page that I was fully booked until the end of October. I really am so grateful for everyone's support; I'm trying to make Tallulah's Bakery the best it can be and I can't do it without all those lovely orders I get to work on and the wonderfully sparkly customers I get to work with.

So thank you again. I am so looking forward to continuing our beautiful cake-filled friendship!

Much love,


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