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How to Place an Order

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Hi you lovely lot,

Hope you're all settling in to the New Year well and with plenty of enthusiasm! I am currently feeling motivated and excited about what 2019 will bring... but ask me again next week after I've done a full week's worth of baking! But before we move forward with new plans I thought I would drop in to give you a quick rundown on the very best way to place an order. If you've never placed an order with me before, or this is your first custom cake order, then let me guide you through the super simple process!


Yes, get in touch! I'm really quite nice and I would love to hear how I can help you with your cake order. The best places to get in touch are through the website booking form, email or Facebook. I do my very best to keep an eye on Instagram direct messages but I don't find them quite as reliable as the other ways. Here are the links so you can find me easy peasy:

The very best way is to use the website's booking form. Use the link above or you can click 'booking form' on the website menu bar which is at the top of every page. If none of the above are your bag and you'd like to *gasp* talk on the phone!! Then that can be arranged. (Though you'll have to get in touch first to send me your contact details...!!)


The best way to get an efficient and detailed response is to put as much information as you can into your message. This means I have all the information I need to check availability and to come back to you quickly with a quote. What type of information do you need to include? Well I'm glad you asked:- date of event/collection- how many people you need it to serve- flavour choices- any design elements you know you want: one tier or multiple tiers, cake style, colour themes, characters or figures you'd like included- if you have a budget- any images you have as a reference It is a lot to remember, but that's why the booking form is the best way to place your order; it prompts you to give plenty of information. However, don't worry if you don't have that much detail - I'm here to help you design your cake and we can work through it together.


I would say the best time to place an order is when you know you would like a cake. Most of my orders now are placed at least 2-3 months beforehand and sometimes more. I can sometimes accommodate last minute orders but not all the time. Best to book in plenty of time to avoid disappointment.


Once we've decided on what beautiful cake we're going to create, I'll send you a deposit request. The deposit is there to give us both piece of mind and it's usually about 20% of your final order amount. The balance is then paid before or on collection.


About a week or two before your order is due to be collected I'll check in with you. This is just to make sure everything is still going ahead, to reconfirm the details and to organise a collection time. Of course, I'm always around if you have any questions before then! And there you have it! Your celebration cake is only a booking form or a message away! Why not give it a try? ;)

Of course, I do love hearing from you when you aren't placing an order so head on over to the social medias and get in touch - a totally safe space for all cake lovers!

Speak soon,


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