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Tallulah’s Bakery – Lovingly handmade cakes for all occasions

Tallulah’s Bakery was formed in 2012 when a hobby became a little bit more than that… Owned by Victoria Conroy and based in Middlesbrough in the North East, Tallulah’s Bakery is a little home-based business with big world-dominating dreams.

After being inspired by her Mum, who has over 20 years of cake decorating experience, Vicky, AKA Tallulah, decided to try her hand at cake decorating. It turned out she quite enjoyed it and, even better, it turned out that other people thought she was really quite good!

She has worked in the Heritage and Tourism industry for most of her working life but has always had a passion for the creative. Tallulah’s Bakery is a labour of love and dedication which she does alongside her role in Visitor Operations for English Heritage.

And if that’s not enough to be getting on with, she is currently working hard on being a good and consistent blogger, so just bare with her on that…

When she’s not baking or decorating, Tallulah can be mostly found following around her nonchalant cat trying to make her love her, perfecting her eyeliner, collecting red lipsticks, watching videos of Red Pandas on YouTube, drinking cocktails, trying not to eat all the donuts and, her new passion, squatting all the weights in the gym (because cocktails and donuts.)

You can get in touch with Vicky through all the usual social media channels: she’s trying to be a better Twitterer and can mostly be found stalking the cast of PLL and Phillip Schofield on Instagram.


  1. Jennifer Gordon says:

    Please could you provide a quote for a Simpsons themed birthday cake for my son’s 9th birthday?

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