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How to Price Your Cakes - Cake Pricing Guide + Pricing Spreadsheet


For years, I struggled with pricing my cakes - it was the number one thing I struggled with in my business. And just as I found a practical way of pricing that worked for me, those pesky unhelpful thoughts would creep in and I had to find a way of managing both the practical and mindset aspects.


In my pricing guide I am sharing my experience with both the practical and mindset sides of pricing your cakes.


If you are struggling to work out an hourly rate, wondering what costs to charge for, or if you are feeling fearful of sharing your prices with you clients, then this guide can help.


I have put together everything I have learned over the last nine years to help you cover your costs, charge for your time and make a profit. But I have also included help with the mindset aspects which can sometimes stop you in your tracks.


The guide includes: 

- Finding Your Why

- Practical Pricing help on covering costs, charging a wage and adding on profit

- tackling common mindset problems

- Journal prompts 

- Extra tips on othr factors that could affect your pricing


Plus, you'll get my pricing spreadsheet to help you price your cakes confidently and consistently.


Whether you are a hobby baker or a cake business, just starting to work on yor prices or wanting to grow, this guide can help.


And it's not just for cakes either - the guide and spreadsheet can be applied to all sorts of treats - whether you are making biscuits or brownies, or something else!

I have wasted too much time worrying about my pricing; this guide is full of everything I wish I'd known and I'm excited to be able to help you on your pricing journey.


Please note that this is a downloadbale product. Due to the downloadable nature of the guide refunds will not be given so please make certain you are sure about purchasing before you do so.

Cake Pricing Guide


The files will be sent to you in .zip format to be extracted once downloaded.

The files come in the following format:

- Pricing Guide PDF

- Pricing Spreadsheet - Excel. This can be uploaded and used in Google Sheets if required

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