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What is a Naked Cake and why should you try one?

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

The Naked Cake trend is still going strong! But what exactly is a Naked Cake? Why has the Naked Cake become so popular? And why should you choose a Naked Cake?

Naked Wedding Cake

Although I am not enamoured with the name chosen for this particular style of cake, the Naked Cake, as it suggests, is a cake that has been stripped of its dressing. This means the thick layers of buttercream or a fondant coating have been removed.

It’s a minimalist way of decorating a cake that allows you to see some of the cake underneath the thin coat of buttercream. This can be done in a variety of ways: from having an almost full coating of buttercream, to merely a hint of an outside layer.

It has caused a little bit of controversy within the cake world - you even love it or you hate it! But still, it has remained popular. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons that the Naked Cake is here to stay.

They are perfect if you don’t like a lot of icing

Don’t love loads of buttercream or fondant? Then a naked cake could be for you. It’s perfect if you want a nice, light cake that isn’t overloaded with super sweet icing.

There’s enough buttercream and filling for you to enjoy the cake and a nice layer on the outside to stop it from going dry - what more do you need! (Apart from maybe some strawberries and cream to go with it!)

They look rustic & elegant

Naked cakes are almost always described as rustic and are heavily linked with simple yet stylish wedding cakes.

There is something very unassuming about them but adding a pop of colour or adorning them with pretty, fresh flowers has quickly made them the new modern classic for wedding cakes.

You can let the toppings sing

Without the distraction of loads of buttercream or icing, you can really let your favourite toppings be the star of the show. Do you love meringue and fresh fruit? Or maybe you want to go for some yummy, chewy macarons.

Either way, you get to enjoy those perfect cake pairings without being overwhelmed with too much icing. And the lighter and fresher the cake tastes, the bigger piece you can have, right?

They are really easy to customise

Swipe the icing around the outside and get some pretty and tasty toppings and you have an impressive dessert!

Change up each time, experimenting with more or less icing. Or you could add a white chocolate drip for extra sweetness - you could even paint it gold for some extra pizzazz. Make use of some colourful bunting or make it fun with cute party animal toppers!

You don’t have a lot of time

As we have seen above it’s really easy to impress your guests with a naked cake and minimal effort! The beauty of this cake is that you don’t have to spend a lot of time making decorations. (Or making LOADS of buttercream which is absolutely my least favourite job - after the washing up!)

As well as ready-made cake toppers, you can make use of fresh fruit, pretty edible flowers, or your favourite chocolates. There are loads of options to help you create something really beautiful without taking up hours.

Light, pretty, delicious and easy to customise - the Naked Cake offers loads of opportunity for easily creating a celebration centrepiece. Extra icing or barely there, there are loads of naked styles to choose from. Which one will you go for?

With love,

Vicky xx

Don't forget, I can guide you through baking your own naked cake as part of my online course, which you can find by clicking the link below:

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I love these cakes!! I really want to have one when I get married but my boyfriend loves icing too much haha!!

Lots of love


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