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Top 5: Decorating Faves

Happy Sunday afternoon everyone! Can you believe we are only at day 4 of blogging every day in November and I've already missed a day? Ok, so yes, we can believe it! However, it's not too bad because this weekend's themes were 'List' and 'Health' and I have magically combined the two. I spent yesterday morning working on my Christmas offers and prices (coming soon!) and then the afternoon was spent as a Self-Care Saturday. I read my book, walked round the park with Kurtis, kicked satisfyingly crunchy leaves, drank hot chocolate and ate donuts. And the fun didn't stop there - our tea involved Yorkshire puddings and mash potato, the ultimate in comfort food, and finishing the last few episodes of the new Sabrina. Lovely jubbly! That's the health part, so let's get on to the list. I want to share with you today 5 of my biggest decorating crushes. So in no particular order here are the 5 decorating babes who make me want to work better and create even more:


Zoe's shop and workshop is just down the road from me in Leeds and it's one of my aims for the New Year to get to one of her classes. Her modelling work is top notch and she has her own signature style, which is instantly recognisable.

I mean, just look how clever she is and what she can do with modelling chocolate! So much precision, perfect proportions and such fun expressions. She just makes me want to be a better decorator.


Tracey's geeky creations are mind blowing! I mean, look at this thing - it's stunning!

Again, she is just a great inspiration for what you can achieve with fondant and a whole lot of imagination and super-sonic skills. 3. KATHERINE SABBATHSo much colour and quirkiness go into Katherine's cakes and I just adore them! She has a truly unique style, even down to her crazy pop-up baking book which is still on my wishlist.

So modern and so beautiful.


I'm going to end my list with a couple of cookie decorators because I love a cookie and would love the opportunity to make more of them. Rhian at Fly Away Pineapple is a recent follow but when her creations show up on my Insta feed they always make me smile.

Getting so much details into cookies with royal icing is really tricky and involves an awful lot of patience. Something Rhian must have a lot of because the amount of detail on her work is incredible.


Holly Fox is the Queen of the colour palette. Her colours choices for her cookie batches are always super pretty and well thought out. And her subject choices are always the cutest - cactus, ice cream, hearts, octopus. What's not to love?!

And then there are these bad boys, which are the potion bottles from Death Becomes Her. I mean, how can you not love them?!

Gosh, I'm coming over inspired all of a sudden!

Pass me the piping bag!


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