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I Made My Own Wedding Cake?!

I can't believe its been nearly 3 weeks since our wedding! We keep going over such lovely memories and, of course, the mountains of photos we have. And you beautiful people have had a lot of love for our somewhat unusual wedding cake. If you want to get an idea of how unexpected it was, take a look at this Instagram post about my Nanna's reaction to it! When we were planning out wedding we just wanted it to feel like 'us' and the cake was a big part of that. So I just thought I would share a little bit of background about how it came about and what the different elements meant to us.


I got asked this question a lot and while I knew that I wanted to make the cake, my mum was not so convinced! Her worst nightmare was for me to be stressing and crying over the cake the day before (or the morning of!) the wedding. In the end, we came up with a compromise: I was allowed to do the cake as long as I did it well in advance...


Mum's compromising consisted of using dummy cakes so I could get started on the decoration well in advance and having one tier made from fruit cake, again so it could be done in advance. My own compromise was to create an eye catching cake by building up the tiers with the dummy cakes but to keep the decoration simple. For those of you who don't know, I have a great knack for being late/unorganised even when I'm trying my hardest not to be. And as a result of things that were beyond my control, I wasn't quite as organised as planned and was still making the bits for the cake a few days before the wedding! Oops! However, even I'm impressed with my overall level of calmness: I am a self-confessed perfectionist but something came over me - it was almost as if it was more important for me to stay calm and enjoy our day than it was to get worked up over the cake...!!

Who'd have thought?!


When I was thinking about the design for the cake I knew I wanted it tall and wanted to have a few different shapes; I ended up using a hexagon tin for the fruit cake and a square dummy cake for the bottom; the bottom two tiers were mainly there for height and to tie in some of the wedding colors and flowers. I stacked 6" deep round dummies for the top tiers. Without the characters on the top the cake was 2ft tall.

I also knew I wanted to make something Kurtis would appreciate too. He'd really wanted a galaxy cake - the kind made from different colour mirror glazes but I knew that was going to be tricky on a stacked cake. So I created the effect in marbled fondant and added a star effect by flicking gold paint on the cake (and everywhere else!!) When we first started seeing each other we bonded over an appreciation of the magnitude of space and a love of Brian Cox, so it had an added layer of representing us as a couple. As did the figures and the cats! Kurtis loves Japanese anime and we’ve spent a lot of hours watching various series together. I’m not quite in the deep end of it yet and prefer the cuter, lighter hearted ones. He’s watched Dragonball Z from start to finish and he’s often mentioned how 2 of the characters, Vegeta and Bulma, remind him of us. Totally sweet but I love Sailor Moon and wanted to make her instead!

So we have a DBZ/Sailor Venus couple crossover! The three cats on the cake represent our Archimedes and Loki and my baby Florrie, done in the style of Luna and Artemis from Sailor Moon.


Oh, and then we cut the thing with a sword - Frostmourne. Well, Kurtis is cut it, I just held on. That thing was heavy!

So there we have it – the story of our cake.

We’re happy that we took our own path with this and created something a bit different – even if my Nanna didn’t like it!

Vicky xx

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