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How to Make a Stitch Cake from Lilo & Stitch!

Everyone loves Stitch right? Weird and crazy but loyal. And not to mention, ALSO CUTE AND FLUFFY! So if he’s yours you can now make him in cake form.

This blog post is linked to this YouTube video but here are the written instructions for making your own Stitch birthday cake.

I have used a 6” round cake, made up of 3 layers of sponge and it’s about 4 ½” in height. This is a great height for this size cake as it creates really nice proportions for Stitch’s face. You can find the recipe here - just head to the end of the Celebration Cake document for the cake flavour swaps and the ingredients needed for a 6" cake.


What you’ll need:

- 11” round cake board

- 250g white fondant

- 800g light cornflour blue fondant (made mixing baby blue colour with a bit of purple)

- 25g deep conflour blue fondant

- 25g pale purple fondant

- 25g light blue fondant

- 20g black fondant

- tylo power

- edible glue or little cup of water

- paint brush

- 2 wooden skewers

1. Cover your cake board with white fondant and leave to dry.

You can use this tutorial to see how to do this.

2. Adhere the cake to the board and crumb coat to get it ready for icing. You can use this tutorial to help you.

3. Once your final crumb coat has set, you can use this tutorial to cover your cake in the light cornflour blue fondant

4. Print out or draw a picture of Stitch’s face which is the right size for your cake. You want the tops of the eyes to be about 1 – 1 ½ inches below the top of the cake. Then cut out the individual pieces.

5. Roll out the light blue fondant to about 3mm thick and cut out the two eye shapes and the mouth. Once cut our carefully put them to one side to dry a little bit. 6. Roll out the black fondant to a similar thickness and cut out the 2 pupils for the eyes.

7. Using your template as a guide, put the black pupils onto the bigger light blue pieces and brush a little bit of edible glue (or water) to stick them into place. Then roll 2 pea-sized amounts of white fondant and flatten them down a little. Stick them to the tops of the black pupils to create a little twinkle in Stitch’s eyes!

8. Next, cut out the nose! Roll the dark cornflour blue icing; this one can be a little be thicker – around 5mm. Once it’s cut out use your fingers to lightly pat down the edges to round them off a little bit.

9. Before using the same technique to make the ears, add about ¼ tsp of tylo powder into about 100g of cornflour blue icing. We want the ears to stick up and the tylo powder will help the icing set harder.

Cut out the whole shape of the ear in blue on thick fondant – about 5mm and then cut out the smaller outer bit on the same thickness.

On a thinner piece of fondant cut out the inner piece in purple. The ears will need to be left at least a couple of hours to harden up before you add them to the cake.

10. While waiting for the ears to dry, stick the other features to the cake. Start with the mouth at the bottom as this will be a good marker for the other bits. Using a boning tool or a knife, gently draw a small line (about 1cm) from the middle of the mouth upwards. Then using an edible black pen, draw along the top of the mouth to add some definition.

11. Stick the nose at the top of this line. The nose might be a little heavy so you may need to hold in place for a few seconds so it sticks.

12. Next stick on the eyes either side of the nose. Line the bottom of the eyes with just about the bottom of the nose to get them into a good position.

12. Using the cornflour blue icing, roll our 3 balls about the size of a Malteaser. Gently roll the balls on one side to form a tear drop shape. Do this with all three balls to create some tufts of hair. These can be placed in the middle of the top edge of the cake. 13. Once the ears have dried, place them against the cake to find the position you want them in. When they are in the right place, press them gently into the cake to make an indent so you can remember where they need to go.

14. Holding one ear against the cake with one hand, use the other one to slide a skewer along the back of the ear and into the cake. Use a pencil to make a little mark so you can remember the angle the skewer needs to be at. Do the same on the other side.

15. Lie the ears face down and cover the skewer with royal icing. Then line it up with the mark on the ear and hold it in place. Make sure there is enough royal icing on there so the whole skewer is stuck to the back of the ear. Do the same on the other side. 16. Once they are dry, pop some more royal icing onto the part of the ear that’s going to be up against the cake, then carefully insert the ears. The skewers might move a little bit as you get the ear into place but don’t worry – have some royal icing to hand to stick the skewer back into place.

To help keep the ears in position while the royal icing sets, fold a sheet of kitchen roll a couple of times and pop it under the ears for support.

17. Remove the kitchen roll once the ears are fully set. Finish the board with some ribbon and there you go! A super cute Stitch cake!

As always, if you have any questions, just give me a shout!

And if you give this a go I would ABSOLUTELY love to see your work of art! You can find me all over social media by searching for Tallulah's Bakery.

Happy Baking!

Vicky xx

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1 Comment

Hello I tried to make this cake but the royal icing wasn’t strong enough to hold the skewers into place. How did you make the royal icing set so quickly?

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