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Five reasons to have a wedding cake

Things are changing with weddings: couples are no longer feeling the need to stick to tradition and to follow the same wedding format that has been around for years. Costs, the flexibility, and permission, to be different, as well as changing tastes have all had an impact on how people put together their special day.

I think this is a great thing. However, one casualty of this seems to be the wedding cake. Now quite often seen as unnecessary, the wedding cake is being shunned and forgotten about. Which is not only sad for me but sad for cake everywhere!

So I am here to give you 5 solid reasons why it’s awesome to have a wedding cake:

1. They taste great!

First things first: if you like cake then why wouldn’t you want a delicious cake at your wedding! The days of every tier having to be a fruit cake are long gone (unless of course, that’s your jam, then knock yourself out!) Wedding cakes now can offer so much more variety and can be made up of your most favourite cake! My favourite? A salted caramel cake loaded with vanilla buttercream, lashings of caramel sauce and a generous helping of fudge, or, the new favourite at Tallulah’s Bakery – the chocolate orange cake!

tasty cake

2. Symbolism

You know me, I’m all about throwing traditions out of the window if that’s what you want to do but I do love the symbolism behind the wedding cake. The cutting of the wedding cake is probably one of the first things you will do as a couple and it represents union and a promise to provide for one another. Cutting the cake together provides a quick chance for you to reflect on the promises you’ve made throughout the day as well as the promise of the future. Want to ramp up the magic and symbolism? There are plenty of ways you can add it to your cake: use herbs such as Rosemary, Lavender or Mrytle to represent love and luck, or decorate with flowers such as Dahlias, which are seen as a symbol of commitment, or Ivy, the symbol of friendship and affection.

3. Make it personal

Don’t want the whole full-on white wedding cake business? Then make your cake your own and go all out with one that defines your personality as a couple. Maybe you love going for walks with your dogs, have a favourite anime or black is your colour palette of choice; all of that can be reflected in a bespoke cake. There are no rules now and your wedding cake can be whatever you want it to be, and don’t think it has to be a 5 tier monster either! Single tier, 2 tiers, a table full of cupcakes. Do what works for you.

Dragonball Z, Sailor moonm wedding cake
This is my wedding cake!

4. Centrepiece

We spend a lot of time thinking about décor when planning a wedding: chair covers, chair sashes, table cloths, table runners, etc, etc, that sometimes the cake just gets added in at the end as an afterthought. But what is your thought of your cake as a showstopping, edible masterpiece that added to your decor! It can be tied into your theme or colours, or it can be decorated however you want and be a stand out work of art!

5. Mix it up

Still not convinced? Then there are plenty of alternatives to incorporate some sweetness into your wedding day and all can be decorated in the same way a wedding cake can be. How about a small cutting cake surrounded by a delicious selection of desserts? Cupcakes, biscuits, cake pops, donuts, brownies, cheesecake or even wheels of cheese.

At the end of the day, this is your day and you need to be happy with the decisions you make without feeling pressure from everyone else and without blowing your budget because you feel like you need to do and have EVERYTHING. But I think cake is one part of the day that you can fully and truly make your own, enjoy with your partner and share with your loved ones. If you think a wedding cake is for you and you want to get in touch about how we can make your dream cake, just pop me an email to

Until next time!

Vicky xox

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