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Christmas Tree Biscuit Tutorial

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Hello Christmassy Cake Friends,

I hope you like biscuits and I hope you like buttercream because we are about to pile them high in this triple stacked, cute Christmas tutorial.

Makes 6 Christmas Trees.

What you’ll need:

- 1/2 batch x American Style sugar cookie dough (either half the recipe or make the full lot and keep half in the freezer for next time)

- 3 circle cutters - a big one, a medium one and bigger one (the size doesn't matter particularly, as long as they reduce in size. Want bigger trees? Add in a few more circles and SUPERSIZE them! )

- Green buttercream (400g icing sugar, 100g butter, bit of milk to soften, green food colouring)

- Piping bag

- Piping nozzle - I’m using a Wilton 2D flower nozzle

- Colourful sprinkles

- Yellow fondant

- Star cutter

What to do:

1. Roll out the cookie dough to about the thickness of a pound coin

2. Cut out 6 of each of your circles and pop them onto a greased/lined baking tray

3. Pop the tray into the freezer for about 10 minutes - this will stop the cookies from spreading when they bake

4. Once the have spent some time chillin’ in the freezer, pop them into the oven at gas mark 3/180 electric/160 fan, for 10-12 minutes or until lightly golden. Be careful! The smaller circles might bake a bit faster than the bigger ones.

5. Leave them to cool

6. While they are baking whip up some buttercream. Mix 400g buttercream with 100g butter, if it's a bit stiff, add some milk a tablespoon at a time. You want to soft enough to pipe smoothly but firm enough that it will hold up as you stack the biscuits.

7. Add your nozzle to the piping bag and spoon in some buttercream. Don’t overfill the bag - too much buttercream in the bad can make it difficult to pipe.

Now let’s assemble! It’s best to stack the biscuits as you go while the buttercream is still soft.

8. Hold the piping bag upright and firm. Using even pressure and movement, start in the middle of the biscuit and follow round the edge.

9. Once you have piped, sprinkle the buttercream with your sprinkles and place the next size biscuits on top.

10. Pipe this biscuit in the same way, sprinkle and stack the smallest biscuit on top

11. And again! Pipe again with buttercream with an extra blob on the top, add sprinkles.

12. Roll out the yellow fondant and using a star cutter, cut out enough stars to sit on top of your trees.

13. Stand your fondant star on top and sprinkle with some edible glitter if the mood takes you - it is Christmas after all!

14. Eat straight away or leave them until the buttercream dries and put in a gift bag for a festive gift!

And there you have it: a simple yet effective Christmas biscuit. This is a great one for sharing - there's a lot of buttercream going on there. However, if you love the buttercream then go mad!

Until next time,

Vicky xox

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