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Beginner’s Guide to Cake Decorating: Part Two

Updated: May 22, 2020

You can find all the tools I currently use in the links below, one is an affiliate link that helps me and give me a little percentage of the sale, but feel free to use other normal link to amazon ❤️

Hello my cake loving friend!

Welcome back to my Cake Decorating 101 mini series. Last time we chatted about my top 5 tools to get you your cakes baked and ready to decorate. This time I'm going to fill you in on what my go to tools are for making fondant decorations.Of course to get started you will need some fondant icing, and a variety of colours otherwise you aren't going to get very far but the below list highlights some things you might not have thought of.

1. Rolling pin

Last time we talked about a mega rolling pin and this time we need a smaller one, although we are still sticking (or not, hopefully!) With the silicon one. If you've not read my post on rolling pins, click here to find out why I prefer silicon over wooden pins.We're going to be working with much smaller pieces on fondant than when we were covering our cake and if you try to use your mega rolling pin you're going to find it a little tricky. This type of smaller rolling pin is perfect for using on smaller bits of icing. And again, the silicon means there's less chance of your icing getting stuck. . Affiliate | Amazon

2. Craft knife

A super sharp craft knife is my favourite thing! (Not creepy, I promise!) Previously I have used these ones but more recently I have switched to ones that I found amongst the treasures of the middle aisle at Aldi. They are nice to hold and use and come with about 5 replacement blades which is very handy indeed. They also come with a second knife which also comes in useful for craft purposes. I use mine for cutting out cake toppers from glitter paper. Affiliate | Amazon

3. Decorating tools

I clumped all these together as General tools because you can now buy this handy kit from Tesco which is a great started pack that also includes a rolling pin and a smoother. Excellent. We'll go into what each of these tools does in a later post but for now they are great to have in your tool kit. Affiliate | Tesco

4. Paint brush

An assortment of paint brushes that you use just for your caIke decorating would be a handy thing to have. My current favourites are this set from PME. In cake decorating a paint brush is handy to have to apply edible glue or to add finer details to your creations such as eyes or eyelashes. Affiliate | Amazon

5. Tylo Powder

This isn't really a tool but it is SUPER useful. Fondant icing can be quite soft and as a result is difficult to work with, especially when trying to make models. Adding in Tylo helps make the icing more elastic and it also helps it set hairdos you aren't left with saggy creations.Alternatively you could use modelling paste rather than icing but having Tylo on hand is an easy and affordable way to get a similar effect. Affiliate | Amazon

Bonus Items: Skewers & Polystyrene squares

Bonus item! Skewers are a life saver when it comes to creating fondant cake toppers. They stop your creations from sagging, stop heads from falling off and help anchor the topper to the cake. Cocktail sticks work to an extent but having a long skewer as a structure is a great base to work from.

It also helps if you have something to stick into while you're working on your cake. I use polystyrene squares or you could use a dummy cake. This allows you to freely work on your topper without worrying about damaging your cake.

Ready for the next steps?

- Learn how to cover a cake board here: https://www.tallulahsbakery.com/post/how-to-cover-a-cake-board

- Make a delicious sponge with my recipe download here: https://www.tallulahsbakery.com/free-downloads

- And find out how to crumb coat it here: https://www.tallulahsbakery.com/post/beginner-s-guide-to-cake-decorating-part-three-buttercream

Loads of love,

Vicky x

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