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Beginner’s Guide to Cake Decorating: Part One

Updated: May 22, 2020

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Part 1 - Equipment

Hello Cake Friend, I do hope you are well! Have you ever wondered what some of the best tools for cake decorating are? Today I wanted to share with you my five favourite pieces of kits for getting you started on your cake decorating journey. These bits of equipment will help you turn your yummy bakes into a blank canvas ready for decorating. This is in no way a sponsored post and I have linked you to my affiliate link and normal Amazon link for ease but all these things can be found in Hobbycraft or on various cake decorating online shops, depending where you are in the world. As we go through the various tools, you may notice a bit of a theme emerging: ‘straight’, ‘level’, ‘even' are all words that crop up a lot but these things really make a difference when creating a cake with a lovely finish.

Ready? Let's go!

1. Cake Tins

You're obviously not going to get very far without them but in my opinion not all cake tins are created equal. For example, for baking cakes and for decorating I don’t recommend a spring form tin. The bottom is never as straight as it could be because of where the bottom of this tin meets the sides, and if you line you're tins properly there's just no need for them. My favourite ones are these ones from PME. They come in a range of sizes and also depths and are really sturdy. I've used similar ones in the past but found that those are a bit flimsy and are easily bent out of shape.

Affiliate | Amazon

2. Cake Leveler

Really clever people can level off their cakes using nothing but a serrated knife. I am not one of those people so a cake leveler is a must for me. The Agbay is the Holy Grail of levelers but is definitely an investment. But ones like this one work perfectly well. They are generally fairly sturdy but make sure you keep an eye on it after you've been using it a while because they can get pulled out of shape. Although I've had mine for a few years now and it's still doing well.

Affiliate | Amazon

3. Palette Knife

Not necessarily a necessity because a knife would work just fine but it really does help. The offset handle and the smooth blade really make a difference when getting an even filling and smoothing down your cake edges.

Affiliate | Amazon

4. Rolling Pin

A silicon rolling pin to be exact. They’ve got a bit of heft to them and they are long enough that you can roll out large areas of icing evenly and smoothly. And while you do need some icing sugar, it's less likely to stick to your fondant. A wooden rolling pin will work fine, if that's what you have to hand and don't want to buy a new one, but potentially it might not be long enough and your chances of the icing sticking to it greatly increase. You can also but some fancy looking marble rolling pins at a reasonable price; I’ve not tried one yet but this beauty will be going on my wish list! Read more about my selection of rolling pin here.

Affiliate | Amazon

5. Smoothers

When you've gone through all that effort to make sure you have smooth, straight cakes and evenly applied buttercream, you're going to want to make sure your fondant icing has a smooth finish. My fave smoother is this one. The reason in love it is because of its rounded edges which are great for beginners – there’s less chance of accidentally catching the icing and denoting it or gauging a hole in it.If you're wanting those super trendy straight edges on your cake this smoother isn’t the best choice but for just starting out it’s a real good tool. Affiliate | Amazon

So there you have it:

Those are the tools I swear by when creating a delicious blank canvas for decorating. If you’ve got any tools you couldn’t live without or have any questions, please do get in touch! Leave a comment below or hit me up on the social media - I’d love to hear from you. And if you want to be a part of the Tallulah’s Bakery community (and bag yourself a free cupcake recipe and cupcake topper tutorial) then sign up to the newsletter and you’ll be the first to know all the going’s on from the kitchen. Newsletter sign up form

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Vicky x

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