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5 Reasons To Love Fondant Cakes

It seems that recently fondant cakes have gone a bit out of fashion. And it’s understandable; the amount of beautiful and modern buttercream or ganache cakes that are out there is unreal. But I am here to hype up the fondant cake, why I love it and why I think you should choose fondant for your next celebration cake.

1. Structure and Security

Let’s get the practical reasons out of the way…

Cakes with a fondant finish have a great structure. Once the fondant sets a bit they are one of the easiest cakes to transport and are pretty low maintenance! (And a bit more robust against sticky fingers!)

Then there’s security. (I mean, security might be a bit of an overdramatic word choice but I enjoy the alliteration.) What I mean by that is that once you have your fondant over your cake, you have a tasty seal on your cake! Almost like an edible cling film. All that delicious moist cake in snuggly and safe inside and will stay that way a little longer before you cut into it.

2. Flawless Finish

There’s nothing more satisfying than when you get the fondant icing on a cake and it goes on like a dream! Straight sides, sharp edges and no air bubbles make for such a gorgeous flawless finish or a beautiful blank canvas for decoration.

This means that fondant cakes are not only great for birthdays, they can be beautiful and elegant for wedding cakes too, whether left elegantly simple or decorated with piping or flowers or, you know, whatever you're going for! What can't they do!

3. Colour

Lovely white fondant is a dream to colour and the possibilities are endless! Lime green, pastel pink or a sultry, dark navy blue. Your wish can come true on a fondant cake. There are so many food colours out there that there's already so much choice but then...oh then! We get to mixing colours together and the world is your oyster! This really great if you have a favourite colour or of you want to match your cakes to something in particular, whether that be an invitation, a swatch of fabric or your favourite flower.

4. Kids

Kids love fondant! I probably don’t need to tell you that most kids love fondant – a colourful dollop of sugar – what’s not to love! (Apart from the inevitable sugar high!) I think this is why it’s synonymous with children’s cake. And I am fine with that – they’re always the most fun!

And I don’t just mean little kids either – big kids with a sweet tooth love it too! Both my husband and my brother love eating a chunk of fondant!

5. Fun

It’s just bloomin’ fun! Saving the best until last because, as I have hinted above, this is my favourite reason in defence of the fondant cake and why it is my absolute joy! You can have such a good time with your fondant cake and create anything and everything you want!

You can re-create your favourite characters, you can tell a story, you can have a private joke immortalised in icing. All wonderful things that help give you a cake that tells your unique story.

And from a totally selfish point of view I love bringing all those things to life. Forming the shapes and beginning to bring a figure to life. Then adding the details and the finishing touches that really bring everything together. This is a magical evolution that comes from working with fondant. And I love it!

So what do you reckon? Are you a fondant fan too or have I managed to convert you from a fondant sceptic to someone who might be prepared to give it a chance? I would love to hear your thoughts and what you love most about a fondant cake! Until next time, Vicky

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