Inspired By… Drip Cakes

Argh! How much do I ADORE these drip cakes? A whole heap, that’s how much. A whole heap as high as the mountain of goodies piled on top of these drippy delights.

I am desperate to make one of these cakes. So desperate in fact that I might have to stop waiting for someone to ask me and make one anyway. I am positive someone will eat it…

Don’t know what I am talking about? Have a look at these bad boys…

Katherine Sabbath

Katherine Sabbath is THE lady of the moment for these types of cakes and you can see why. From chocolate heaven to super bright numbers, this lady is owning this trend.

What I love about her more colourful creations is that you just wouldn’t think to put the colours together. But they work so well to create something bright and fun rather than something garish. And just check out that ice cream number what a charming cake!

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Jenna Rae Cakes

Before Katherine Sabbath Jenna Rae’s Instagram feed was my go to place for dreamy cakes.

In opposition to Katherine Sabbath they do understated drip very well. Everything is coordinated, and oh so pretty and delicate. Swoon!

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Sweet Bloom Cakes

Now THIS is what I am talking about! Wowee zowee! Check out the sky high pile o’ treats on these babies. I am kind of torn between wanting them as pieces of art and just wanting to stick my face in them… after removing those chocolate shards of course!

What I love about these examples are those extra details that just take these cakes to another level: the bit of gold leaf on the pink number and the oh-so subtle cake toppers that give those cakes an extra special personal touch. Bravo, Sweet Bloom Cakes.

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Chocolate crowns, macarons, chocolate gems and fresh fruit make up ‘The Hybrid Cake’ from Unbirthday and they certainly do make a statement.

But my favourite thing about these cakes has got to be those beautiful and delicate edible flowers. They add amazing bursts of colour and a delicate prettiness that you almost don’t want to eat!

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Faye Cahill

Urgh, Faye Cahill why must you constantly blow my mind!

This kind of cake is quite unusual for Faye Cahill; they specialise in completely flawless and stunningly elegant cakes. However, these quirky pink and gold numbers, still maintain that perfection. What impresses me the most is that they have decided to drip over that exquisite gold leaf application; if I had managed to do that I wouldn’t be covering it up with pink drips, but then I am not the queen of the metallic leaf.

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Now, where is the melted chocolate…

Vicky x

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