Happy New Year

Happy New Year, cake friends!

Phew, how did we even get here! January 2017 already. I know that in reality it’s really only a day later but I do find something refreshing about the start of a new year; I feel more get up and go, more refreshed and more ready for a challenge. Maybe that’s why, once again, I am giving this blog another go. Only this year, I am ready! After being spoilt rotten at Christmas I now have diaries and planners galore and I am going to make sure I make the most of them and keep myself on track.

But before we move forward, let’s look back a little:

Some lovely life events happened in 2016: Kurtis and I bought our first home, he popped the question while we were on a family holiday in South Africa and we got cats! Talk about being blessed. There were such exciting things that still take up most of my thoughts each day: how should we decorate this room, where should we put this, oh my gosh, how cute are the fur babies, will everyone have a lovely time at the wedding, OMG, will I actually find THE dress… I am so lucky to have these decisions to make and equally as lucky to have a Kurtis. Awwwww…


I had a couple of lovely travel adventures this year to South Africa in October and Vienna in December. SA was a mega group travelling experience; 10 of us went over and sometimes we were travelling about as a group of 16! But we had some amazing South African experiences, oh and did I mention I got engaged? Highlights includes walking with ellies, leopard and cheetah spotting, pothole exploring, and… oh yeah, getting engaged! And then we had Vienna which was a fun filled weekend of drinking mulled wine, walking and general carrying on!


And then there were cakes. I am so lucky to have some wonderful people trusting me with their cakes. I had a personal triumph this year with overcoming my wedding cake fear which gripped me so terribly in 2015. I have learned so much about trusting myself and it has made the world of difference. And of course that goes for my other cakes too, which I have enjoyed so very much. And I can’t wait to push myself even further this year!



So there we go, 2016 all wrapped up and it was quite alright actually. I feel it deserves a toast… Is there any more fizz left…?

Love and bubbles,



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