I was working in the lab, late one night, when my eyes beheld an eerie sight… Of a fantastically terrifying mess in the kitchen. Oh yes, I must have been baking.

But it was Halloween baking so the mess was allowed. There was blood and guts everywhere! Everywheeereee! Muahahahahaa!

*cough cough*

This year I made haunting voodoo gingerbread men and a collection of creepy cupcakes.

Let the terrifying begin…


Poor gingerbread men. I don’t know who has it in for them but they are doing a good job of tormenting them. And then presently they will get their heads bitten off and that will be terrible. But delicious.


I had a lot of fun with the cupcakes this year. I’ve seen broken glass cupcakes and really wanted to give them a go. Might have been a bit much for a children’s party but it’s Halloween and I am sure they want to be freaked out! Bah!


I think I should have stuck with the black cases for these for the impact but they still look pretty effective. The ‘glass’ shards are melted down Fox’s mint glaciers. I just popped a dozen on a baking tray and bunged them in the oven. Then just checked on them until they had melted into a nice puddle. Once they were out and had cooled down, I just smashed it up. It was beautifully simple. The ‘blood’ was red food colouring mixed with maple syrup. I had tried to use red royal icing at first but it wasn’t flowing like it should and it was the wrong kind of red.


The other cupcakes were an assortment of Halloween favorites. I quite like the eyeball. And maybe, if I had dared go super over the top, I could have put an eye ball all bloody in the glass. Urgh – freaking myself just thinking about it!

I hope you have got lots of lovely treats for yourself this evening. I would encourage you to grab the sweeties and watch a scary film but as the scariest film I will watch is Harry Potter, I will just simply wish you a magical Halloween.



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