Back to Basics: Cupcakes

When I first started on the road to cakes I made a lot of cupcakes. Cupcakes were becoming a bit of a thing then and I was also bought Kate Shirazi’s ‘Cupcake Magic’ book and the recipes were so beautifully simple and tatsy it was hard not to get on the cupcake bandwagon

Cupcakes have fallen our of favour slightly, making way for celebration cakes and my enthusiasm for them also wavered. Mostly due to this…


Urgh! That silly pulling away from the case. I swear I went through a period when every cupcake I made ended up like that and it’s not the end of the world but it was really because it just looked a mess. After a bit a research on this I decided that this was happening because my cupcakes were so deliciously moist and maybe just needed an extra minute in the oven.

What an easy thing to do to fix the problem. Easy peasy…

Let’s take a look at these. Look at them. Lovely!


Do you know how long they stayed lovely for? About ten minutes. I was having a mini celebration that only one pesky (and spare) cupcake had pulled away from it’s case. I packed them up all nicely in a box and felt pretty smug.


But that is when it all went a bit ary… I went to check on them a bit later in the box and guess what? Cupcake case separation! Urgh! WHY? I think I just didn’t learn from past mistakes and took them out of the oven a minute or two too early. Bleugh

But for now let’s just look at how lovely they did look for a time and remember that my cousin and his football team didn’t care so much about the case situation when they were devouring them!



To do: More cupcake practice.


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