Wedding Cake Feature: Jess & Jack

Hello beauties,

How are we all?

I’ve got a lovely little wedding cake to show you today. Jess got in touch with me kind of last minute (in wedding cake terms) for this cake as her previous cake lady had to cancel the order. All the better for me as I was so excited about her plans: rustic naked cake! I have wanted to do one of these cakes for ages. It was a bit nerve racking that the first time I was going to get to do one was for someone’s wedding but I was ready.


The cake itself was 3 tiers of Victoria sponge and was to be decorated with fresh flowers and fruit.

The cakes themselves were made as close to the day as possible so, as the wedding was on a Friday, they were made mid-morning/afternoon on Thursday. They were left to cool and wrapped in cling film as soon as possible. The cakes were then stacked and buttercream-ed the morning of delivery so they were still fresh, fresh, fresh! The tiers were left separate and had an hour in the walk in fridge (AKA the conservatory) to harden up a bit before delivery.

Dry edges was my main concern with the cake and it was, in fact, my brother who suggested that what I needed was some sort of syrup to cover the outside edges of the cake to keep them moist. I obviously thought this was a stupid idea until I did a bit of research and discovered that this was the norm… Sorry, Boy! So I made up my own vanilla sugar syrup (100g caster sugar, 200ml water, drop of vanilla essence) and brushed the edges of the cakes with the mixture before delivery.

I must say taking the cakes as separate tiers and stacking at the venue is so less stressful that taking a fully stacked cake: I didn’t fear for my life every time I went around a corner.

Jack & Jess - Wedding Cake

Cake 2

At the venue I was greeted first of all by a heater blasting hot air directly at the cake table. Oh my days! I definitely made some sort of audible whimper. Luckily the florist was also concerned about this so managed to find a nice chap to come and turn it off. (But did put on a different one so I was not responsible for the whole wedding party being cold!)

But the venue itself looked fab. The wedding was held at Middleton Lodge in a marquee which was set up simply and elegantly, with a Midsummer Night’s Dream kind of a feel. With tree trunk centre pieces and ivy crawling up the marquee posts. Very delicate and pretty.

Cake 3

The fresh flowers  for the cake and the venue were provided by Diana Kaye florists, who are based in Yarm. And oh my gosh were they stunning: the roses were to die for! Unfortunately these were quite large and I could get them on the tiers of the cakes as much I would have liked but they looked beautiful as the cake topper and around the base of the cake. I was met at the venue by Victoria and her colleague (whose name escapes me, sorry!) and they were both a treat. Extremely professional but also fab to have a chat with during the nerve racking task of placing the flowers. Unaware to them, their chats about food and the odd encouraging comments really helped to keep me relaxed.

I previously had reservations about using fresh flowers on cakes and have always encouraged people to go for sugar flowers but this experience has made me open to using fresh flowers in the future and I would definitely want to work with Diana Kaye again.

image1 (3)

IMG_4237 (2)

So that is the story of my very first naked cake and I must say it was a pleasant experience. Thankfully, and most importantly, the bride was also a happy girl and sent me some lovely comments, which of course is why I am in this game in the first place! Thank you Jess and Jack and I wish you all the happiness for the future.

See you soon,

Vicky xx