Baking Nostalgia: Glo Worm Biscuits


In February I experienced a bit of nostalgia when making this Shufflie’s Castle cake for my manager’s daughter, and, in this 30th year of my life. decided to revisit a few of my childhood toys and transform them into something edible. March was the month for Glo Worm biscuits!


These were cute little cuddly toys with not so cuddly, plastic faces, which lit up when you squeezed them. Doesn’t sound like such a thrilling toy but I think their purpose was practical rather than fun; they are just what a child who is scared of the dark needs – a plastic glowing head in their bed. Although I do not remember being scared of the dark of scared of the Glo Worm so maybe they did work. Or I was so traumatised I have repressed any such memories…


The most challenging thing about these biscuits was not eating a full one because they were HUUUUUGE! Don’t get me wrong, I could have quite easily have eaten a full one but then I would have felt sad and that’s not the purpose of the Glo Worm. Instead I ate a half and then went back for the other half later (10 minutes later.) All the restraint.


Anyone else remember these? Did you have one?

Vicky x